5GITALIA is a company founded in May 2014 from the idea of ​​its founder and then transformed into the current configuration. In the same year he achieved the title of “Qnap Certified Partner“, a company present in the world with storage and backup systems.
Specialized in System Integration and Video Surveillance. 5GITALIA is also able to offer, through a strategic partnership, a complete specialized consulting service to companies for compliance with the G.D.P.R.
5GITALIA operates throughout the Italian territory but also internationally, offering its services to a wide range of customers such as Startups, SMEs, Organizations or large companies.
It places itself on the market alongside its customers as a technological and strategic partner, on initiatives with high added value aimed at the development of the brand and the business of the company.
5GITALIA, thanks to the experience of its collaborators, is constantly evolving with a constant scouting of new technologies so as to be able to offer its customers innovative and cutting-edge solutions and products, with particular attention to economic and energy saving.


Improve the quality of life by optimising work with clear and efficient technological products and services.

We support in choosing and implementing digital solutions that best suits your needs.

We support our customer improving the performance of their IT organization.


We optimize your needs; they will be your strength and our strength to be winners on the market together.


The processes with which we operate are based on maximum flexibility in order to be able to quickly manage contingencies or last-minute needs in compliance with the agreements made


We aim at synergy with our customers and that is why we will provide a single point of contact that will follow you on time, knowing your business dynamics and your needs.


It is constantly evolving according to the latest market news with particular attention to energy saving and the achievement of an SLA so as to make you excited about choosing us.


We transform your ideas into reality by designing with passion to make you satisfied with having us chosen

The main features of 5GItalia are Team Building and a strong propensity to problem solving essential elements to goal achieving and to customer satisfaction through continuous professional updating and scouting on new technologies.
While we aim to the synergy with our customers we provide a single point of contact that follows your business dynamics and needs.

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