Infrastructure and Services

5G ITALIA is able to design your data center and let it be efficient by saving energy through virtualization and the latest technologies implementation.
We design certified cabling and infrastructure protected by firewalls and UTM devices.
We are able to perform data recovery from a single disk or board replacing mechanical parts, working into Clean rooms.
We can design and improve local and hybrid backup infrastructures by use of various technologies such as Qnap solutions.
5GItalia plans and realize VoIP infrastructures for companies with the support of open source software and installation of virtual telephone exchanges with call diversion function.
5GITALIA offers hardware and software assistance supported by an operative call centre 7x24h all along Italy.
Assistance on Qnap, Sun, Oracle, Dell Emc IBM Huawei, Hp, Nutanix, Hitachi, Cisco Brocade, NetApp equipments.


    One of the things I like best about your company, is that there is “no box” when it comes to solving problems. Setech has a more diverse way of looking at things and

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